KOOTU Gasoline Surfboard Jet Surfboard Lightweight
KOOTU Gasoline Surfboard Jet Surfboard Lightweight
KOOTU Gasoline Surfboard Jet Surfboard Lightweight
KOOTU Gasoline Surfboard Jet Surfboard Lightweight
KOOTU Gasoline Surfboard Jet Surfboard Lightweight
KOOTU Gasoline Surfboard Jet Surfboard Lightweight

KOOTU Gasoline Surfboard Jet Surfboard Lightweight

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Upgrade your surfing game with the KOOTU Gasoline Surfboard Jet. Its lightweight, carbon fiber design houses a powerful 109cc engine, giving you more power and speed on the waves. Enjoy a new level of surfing with this innovative motorized surfboard.


Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Applicable People: WOMEN

Origin: Mainland China

Type KOOTU Gasoline Surfboard Jet Surfboard Lightweight is perfect for any surfer looking to take their experience to the next level. With a top speed of 35 mph, it provides superior performance and precision handling, making it perfect for maneuvering through even the toughest waves.: Surfboards

Carbon Fiber Surfboard is powered primarily by a gasoline engine.

It is more powerful, lasts longer and is faster.

Surfboards on the market are mainly powered by batteries, which are not very powerful and have a short usage time.

Sudden power failure may occur when playing in the sea.

Our surfboards are gasoline + oil based, high power engine 110cc, more power, longer use, faster speed.SAVA surfboards are your first choice for surfing and playing.


Surfboards: CE, FCC

Package list:

Surfboard x1

Battery x1

Charger x1

Control handle x1

Shoes x 1 pair

Bracket x 1 set

Tail Fins*1

Side Fins*4

As well as other spare parts of the surfboard.

After receiving the board, contact customer service to send the board's manual and other documents.

According to the new VAT policy of EU countries, goods over 150 Euro, if sent from non-EU countries (e.g. China). The tax will be borne by the seller. This means that we (the seller) will be responsible for customs clearance and paying the tax. (Except for EU countries, other countries must pay the tax themselves).

[Note: The terminal delivery logistics shipping fee for each country must be paid by you.]

Russia , about 15-20 days, trackable.

USA Air transportation around 12-18 days, trackable, air. Sea shipping around 25-40 days, trackable,

European countries: Sea freight around 25-40 days, trackable, Air parcel, around 12-15 days, trackable, .

Canada: Air shipment around 12-18 days, trackable, Air. Sea shipping around 25-40 days, trackable, Air.

Mexico Air transportation around 12-18 days, trackable, Air. Sea shipping around 25-40 days, trackable.

(If your country is not in the list, please contact us for details)

The surfboard is equipped with a two-stroke water-cooled engine. It uses gasoline mix lubricant from 95 or above with a fuel ratio of 30:1.

Outer dimensions of the surfboard: 196x75x31cm

Weight: about 37kg

Suggested rider weight of the surfboard: It is recommended that the rider weighs under 90 kg/200 lbs.

The rider's weight will affect the maximum speed of the surfboard.

Battery size 11.5x9x5.5cm

Capacity 10Ah, power 144W

The law of carburetor adjustment is: tighten the gasoline concentration to the inside will be thin, speed increase

Tighten outward, the gasoline concentration will be thicker, and the speed will decrease.

Surfing safety instructions :

1、Please wear a helmet, swimsuit and life jacket before surfing;

2, pay attention to never on the shore, no water to start the surfboard, to avoid engine overheating, resulting in surfboards occur other problems.

3, you should know the safety of the water: no floating objects; water depth of at least 80cm; check whether there are rocks, branches, nets, large fish or other unknown factors affect your safety;

4, before going into the water to use, please contact customer service to send the relevant documents of the surfboard, you should first understand the performance of the surfboard, power performance, safety key manual and the treatment of emergencies that may be encountered, but also to understand the energy of the dumping, so as to estimate the distance and time, and return to the surfing smoothly.


1. Surfing is an extreme sport, especially power surfing. Please keep a clear mind because power surfing requires high personal operation;

2、Please install the battery, insert the battery sensor switch and insert the safety key before going into the water.

3、Bend-kneel-stand, please follow this method when surfing in shallow water. Please protect yourself and don't go too fast at the beginning;

4、When surfing, please keep upright, look ahead and pay attention to the surrounding situation in case of accidents;

5、When you get off the surfboard, please hold down the power switch, kneel down first, and then get off the surfboard after everything is normal;

6、To avoid all possible accidents, please make sure to remove the safety key when resting on the shore or in the water;

Maintenance :

1、After surfing, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. The battery will generate a certain temperature, let it cool naturally. Batteries are prohibited from charging outdoors, do not overcharge, and unplug the charging plug in time when fully charged. (Do not expose the battery to sunlight. If the temperature is too high, the service life of the battery may be reduced and a safety hazard may occur.)

2、After surfing in the sea, fresh water should be used to wash the surfboard and cooling system.

3、When surfing, pay attention to whether the sound of the surfboard is normal or not, when the sound is abnormal or the power drops, please stop the machine in time to check;

4, surfing should pay attention to whether there is water in the cabin. If there is any stagnant water timely discharged, or wipe dry can be, does not affect the use. If not discharged in time, it will accelerate the aging of the product.


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